Episode 11

Scrambling to establish defense lines, the Phorlorn heavy weapons team gets caught out of position in the first moments after the Goshi breakout and their demise sets the tone for the rest of the conflict. Despite the loss of the close assault squad Joe was attached to, the overall Goshi casualties are minimal and the remaining Phorlorn marines surrender after only a few hours of fighting.

The crew of the Dancing Queen help round up the marines and ferry them to the surface of Nylig where they are left to fend for themselves.

Back on the orbital base, the remaining Phorlorn crew and officers seal themselves on the bridge and threaten to self-destruct unless their safety is guaranteed. The Goshi commanding officer announces that a final decision must wait until Admiral Galt arrives – potentially a few weeks from now. Despite the relative luxury they are offered, tension rises at Goshi insistence that our heroes remain in their quarters for the duration.

Will Admiral Galt honour his promise to give the orbital base to the crew? Did he even make that promise? Find out next week!


jaredskarma jaredskarma

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