Episode 2

Phorlorn Ain't So Tough

(UPDATE): You can find another pitiful example of my animation skills summarizing this session here.

Neither of the Vipers attempts to communicate via radio with our heroes, so a few hours into the trip back to Souris, the crew decide to have Thadius wave a white flag – hoping perhaps for a chance to talk their way out of the situation. They quickly withdraw the offer, however, upon seeing and feeling the thunderous detonations of torpedoes in the vicinity. Someone is attacking the Vipers!

When the Viper on escort duty pulls away to deal with the new threat, our heroes decide it will never be any easier to escape than it is right now.

Drawing on Toffee’s encyclopedic knowledge of warships, they pinpoint an airlock in the military vessel that will be the easiest to breech. Rothschild demolishes the outer door and in they go. Zeke makes a beeline for the bridge, and manages to make it there in short order. The others get tied up with the first wave of marines who haven’t had time to don their power armour. Zeke’s path to the pilot’s seat is blocked, however, by a couple more marines who have suited up more quickly. Zeke puts up a spirited fight, but the superior firepower of the marines forces him to retreat.

Thadius, Rothschild and Mishka hold their own in a chaotic melee that rages back and forth across the ship’s gym. Zeke supports his allies in a crossfire that allows them to force the marines into the more open areas of the ship where Thadius can bring ‘Chico’ into play. The results are predictably bloody for the marines.

The captain of the Viper attempts a desperate bluff, offering to release the tether if they leave the ship now. Our heroes are confident of their superior position and decline the offer. They persevere despite their wounds, ultimately taking over the bridge and forcing the surviving crew members into shipping containers to be set adrift.

Arek assures them that he can find a buyer for their newly acquired Viper if they can make it to Carthane, but Rothschild is convinced that Phorlorn will see that coming. The argument delays them enough for the point to become moot, as the second Viper returns and immediately engages them – obviously someone on the shipping containers has managed to make contact.

Zeke’s superior navigation skills and the minor damage suffered by the Viper in its previous encounter combine to give our heroes enough of an edge to escape. The Dancing Queen and her crew may be bloodied, but they’re still standing.


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