Episode 3

True to his word, Arek locates a buyer for the stolen Viper within days of arrival in the Carthane system, and work soon begins on a thorough refit of The Dancing Queen.

Eager for adventure, our heroes are back in action as soon as their ship is spaceworthy again. Taking the less dangerous route via Nylig, they quickly make their way to Dundene where they hope to complete the job Marcellus offered them. Both skill and luck are on their side during the surveillance portion of the mission and they quickly confirm that the building Marcellus asked them to investigate is indeed the seat of Phorlorn’s Senate. The heist portion of the job proves a little more difficult, and Roth, Zeke and Toffee have to resort to physical violence to get things done. Coupled with some intense hacking by Mishka and some fast talking by Arek, the mission ends in a complete success as our heroes cover their tracks and make off with detailed schematics of the Senate building. Zeke then shows off his stellar navigation skills, easily plotting a course past the Phorlorn opposition to the slipstream and into Souris.

Mishka manages to pinpoint Marcellus’ current location and establishes contact via a secure channel within minutes of arriving in orbit. Impressed with their results, Marcellus pulls some strings and arranges a month-long stay on Lecithon for the entire crew in addition to their agreed upon fee. While there, they are contacted by one of his agents who asks them to investigate Phorlorn’s activities in the Nylig system.

A broad scan of the system allows Zeke and Mishka to pinpoint the Phorlorn orbital base. The scan also indicates that, despite its current overgrown state, Nylig was once the home of a civilization that established many huge metropolises across the face of the planet.

Curious about both Phorlorn’s activities on the planet and the state of their forces on the base, the crew decide to split up. Zeke, Toffee and Mishka head for the planet in the interface vehicle while Arek and Rothschild approach the orbital base directly in The Queen.

Arek takes advantage of his knowledge of Phorlorn’s labyrinthine bureaucracy and manages to bluff their way onto the base. While Arek charms and cajoles various officers, Roth takes note of docked ships, troop strengths, and the overall state of the Phorlorn presence in the system. He concludes that they’re heavily invested in their mission here – whatever they’re looking for, it must be important.

Roth’s suspicions are confirmed by the ground team. Zeke’s archaeological expertise uncovers a portion of the ruins and they soon discover that the Phorlorn orbital base is located directly above the site of an ancient mainframe. Though they aren’t able to fully excavate, their initial findings suggest that this may be the central node of what was once a planet-wide network – a network built with technology far more advanced than anything found in Phorlorn or Carthane.


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