Arek Bodwin

Intergalactic Financier


Pinnacle Skill: Brokerage
Rank 4: Charm, Bureaucracy
Rank 3: Oratory, Intimidate,
Culture/Tech (Souris, Carthane, Nylig{following slipstream failure to Xanadu})
Rank 2: Communications, Computers, Resolve, Tactics
Rank 1: Assets, Alertness, Archaeology, Pilot, Science


  • Choked on his silver spoon
  • Cheated his way through school
  • Young entrepreneur
  • “I’m off to meet my next future ex-wife”
  • Great judge of potential value
  • Powerful enemies
  • Desperate for a way out
  • Too many IDs
  • Stay comfortable – and alive!
  • Time to bring down the system


  • Military Grade Brokerage (No penalty to profits when dealing with hot goods)
  • Self Directed Stock Portfolio (Use Brokerage to modify Wealth track)
  • Always knows the real value (Use Brokerage for Assets checks)

Homeworld: Phorlorn

Now has stealth armour taken from Pholorn Special Military (see episode 6)
– armor +5
– stealth +2
– pressurized, comm. enabled

Arek Bodwin

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