Joe Ollo

Everybody knows Joe Ollo



5 Stamina
4 Intimidation, Brawling
3 Demolition, Slug Throwers, Resolve
2 Alertness, Tactics, Stealth , Energy Weapons
1 Agility, Culture/Tech Souris, Assets, Survival, EVA

Can swap intimidation for Assets
Allies can use my intimidation (only on Souris or Phorlorn)

BIO (aspects in bold)
As a teenager, Joe was thin and gawky, and hung around with the goths and freaks. Until he got big, strong and handsome and chicks started to dig him. He still has a soft spot for weaklings and is sensitive about being teased.

As a young adult, Joe became a professional athlete in the Phorlorn Blurnsball Leaague (PBL) and quickly grew into a star as the only member of the Westeredge Roughnecks ever to score 5 safedowns in a single game. Fame quickly followed, and to this day he is recognized by sports fans throughout the cluster.

Alas, a likely hall-of-fame career was cut short when he was drafted to the Phorlorn military. Though he excelled at that for which he received his training (his division leader says he’s a specialist in demolitions, Joe says he’s a specialist at being a bad-ass mother-f~~~er), he always resented his tour of duty taking him away from his sports career. He was insubordinate and disrespectful to both his peers, superiors, and underlings (for the brief periods he would enjoy a slightly higher rank before doing something to have it stripped away again). He survived blowing himself up more times than he should have, giving him delusions of immortality. When his 4-year tour ended, he hoped to pick up his career again with the Roughnecks, but he found he had no more taste for the structure and organization of the team, and the constant “war and battle” metaphors that a so prevalent in pro sports just made him cynical and derisive. He retired from Blurnsball and remarkably signed on for another tour of duty.

He was a very angry man for a while, hard as steel. Until one day that changed his life yet again. Almost a year through his second tour, there was a tragic accident. Though Joe himself lived, his closest squad buddy Harlem was killed by one of Joe’s own explosives. His superiors sent Joe to Carthane on post-traumatic stress leave, and he was ordered to take “some time to regroup”. That was 6 months ago. Joe just can’t see himself going back, which he supposes makes him a deserter; but since he’d volunteered to join for his second term, in his opinion he can quit anytime he likes. If they want him back bad enough, they’ll have to come get him. In any case, be it a coach or a Sergeant, he’s through taking orders.


Joe Ollo

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