Rothschild Williams

Gunnery Officer


Pinnacle Skill: Gunnery


  • Bored with Xanadu
  • Disgusted by waste
  • Collects hobbies
  • Everyone has a price
  • “What good is money if you’re dead?”
  • I spent 4 years in a Phorlorn military academy, you know
  • “I ain’t yer pappy.”
  • Leave it better than you found it
  • “It’ll take a better man than you to take me out.”
  • Seeking noble behavior

Military Grade Gunnery,
Has an internal bio-weapon,
It’s a T2 bio-weapon


phase one: growing up
Growing up on my home planet in Xanadu, I was the 11th of 12 children in a powerful and wealthy family. For as many generations as my family discussed, weaponry and warfare have been an integral part of our wealth accumulation; both in the development and research of new and interesting weapons, as well as in the finer points of combat tactics. The labs and war rooms were my playgrounds, and never was I excluded from even the most serious of discussions. Such was the way of the Williams family, all of us privileged and spoiled.
I opposed my family’s business dealings, mostly out of the arrogance of youth and a hypocritical idealism which seemed not to notice that the money I’d spend was gained through that which I opposed. I did, however, become increasingly irritated by the obvious. That is, unless we start using our resources with more of a long-range view, that the Williams family, indeed possibly all of Xanadian society, would destroy itself.
ASPECTS: Bored with Xanadu
Disgusted by waste

phase two: starting out
By the time I reached my early twenties, I knew more about gunnery than most generals, except how it felt to be shot at. I had studied hard, which was expected of me, and it held my interest well on most days. I was principally an academic, but an athletic one. Since my older brothers and uncles were more than numerous enough to take over the family empire when their time was needed, I could busy myself with other pursuits, and took up many hobbies. Mostly as a lark, but also with an eye open for new potential homeworlds (should my own ever become fucked up beyond all recognition), I studied other cultures and compared their weaponry and ways of life to ours; fascinating, indeed. More and more often, I would train, practice, and exercise. I found instructors who were versed in ancient and varied fighting techniques and studied under them. They were well paid. Anyone I came into contact with was well paid. I used my name quite liberally in those days. And why not? My family had spent countless years building a reputation; it made no sense not to take advantage of it.
ASPECTS: Collects Hobbies
Everyone has a price

phase three: moment of crisis
My adulthood was a blur of slipstream travel, foreign study, space and wilderness exploration and, like earlier in life, spending money. Of course, I rationalized how I spent it, always assuming that the money was mine by right, and when I gave it to others I could only be making their lives better as well. I had a selfish attitude that led to too many celebrations and revelry, and ultimately nearly cost me my life. I woke up one day in a pool of my own blood at a resort on Carthane, a vicious wound in my side and medical personnel surrounding me, trying to keep me alive. I had become a victim of the practice of organ harvesting. It was a miracle that I was returned to Xanadu in time for my family to arrange for me to receive cybernetic implants which replicated the bodily functions of the organs I lost. I try to keep mum about this, because the new implants are far, far more valuable than the originals.
I would learn from this though. It’s not wise to spend money the way I had been. I have no intention of throwing away my only life. I will live to the fullest, but perhaps not quite as recklessly as I had. People are not by nature good-hearted, and will take advantage of me wherever they can….particularly when they know the vastness of my family’s resources.
ASPECTS: “What good is money if you’re dead?”
Con me out of my organs once, shame on you…..

phase four: sidetracked
More time passed, more studies, more training. By now there were very few things I didn’t know about the history of warfare in my own system as well as several others. I even returned home to Xanadu for over a year to work on a design I had for a new hand-held energy weapon which connected to my new internal cybernetics. (actual functions to be determined). Unfortunately, I spoke of this design to an old family friend named Arek Bodwin. Well, Arek promptly sold my idea for his own personal gain. If it falls into the hands of people that can manage to replicate the technology, the result could be devastating to the entire Cluster. Once again, I have learned a valuable lesson: Like rivers, men can be controlled, but they cannot be trusted. I will control only what I can do, and let others do as they will. My resources are not to be wasted, or boasted of flippantly. I will take care that the lives of those with which I come into contact are better for it, whether by sharing with them or by leaving them be.
ASPECTS: “I ain’t yer pappy!”
Leave it better than you found it

phase five: on your own
I still love my life. I am deeply connected to my family, but have the freedom to spend my life in pursuit of my own happiness. Having returned last time with a new design for a cybernetic weapon has bought me as much time away from Xanadu as I wish, with no one there concerned enough to pry into my habits.
I keep up with my physical training. My near-death experience stays close to the front of my thoughts. If I’m ever going to be taken out again, it won’t be by a skinny half-wit like the organ harvester on Carthane. If only I hadn’t been so drunk at the time maybe I could remember what he looked like…
For now, I am happy where I am; a gunnery engineer on a small craft owned by a countryman of mine. I’ve travelled extensively throughout the cluster; if I choose to stay in my current post, I’ll be able to do and see even more.
I’ve sworn to myself not to repeat my many mistakes. Coming from a family like mine is a real double-edged sword. I’ve as much money as I could spend in infinite lifetimes, but if I use it for the wrong purposes I will regret it. If I can live out my days leaving a trail of righteousness behind me, using my wealth and sharing Xanadu’s advanced technology only for those who are worthy of it, I can die a happy man
ASPECTS: “It’ll take a better man than you to take me out”
Seeking noble behaviour

Rothschild Williams

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