Toffee Noidall

Engineer & Scientist


Pinnacle Skill: Engineering.
Rank 4: Science, Repair.
Rank 3: Stamina, Energy Weapons, Culture tech. (Carthane, Souris, Phorlorn, Xanadu).
Rank 2: Brawling, Slug Throwers, Resolve, EVA.
Rank 1: Micro G, Demolitions, Medical, Intimidation, Survival.


  • “Hit me again, I dare ya.”
  • “Bah, I know what I’m doing.”
  • “Nobody listens to me.”
  • “If it ain’t broke, I fixed it.”
  • Surrounded by morons
  • “Get me outta here!”
  • “It’s simple, complex physics.”
  • “Hello new world.”
  • My barrel is hot
  • Thrill of the chase


  • Military Grade Engineering
  • Military Grade Brawling
  • Have a thing: Batman Tool Belt

Born on Carthane, Toffee went to prestigious schools throughout his childhood. He was clearly ahead of his class when it came to the sciences. He put most of his time into studying from an early age, unfortunately being the teacher’s favorite got him into trouble with some of the school bullies. He eventually learned to defend himself quite efficiently using his superior intellect and could hold his own against the biggest bullies after a while.

Graduating several years before his time, Toffee quickly began teaching at a university in Souris. He began getting annoyed actually teaching though as it kept him from his own studies. The students in Souris were not able to soak up the immense knowledge Toffee was feeding them, and he grew tired of repeating himself. He believed he had learned all there is to learn from the education system in Souris, and began to think that experience had a potential to be more educational than reading book after book.

Toffee left his distinguished role as head of the science division as the paperwork and bureaucracy was holding him back from accomplishing more meaningful learning. He hopped on a ship called The Dancing Queen owned by one Zeke Pumpernickel and flew off to new life and new civilization. The excitement of not having the confines of a school blew his mind. He realized that life’s most important tests are not held in classes, but are written in the heat of the moment. He is excited to write many more tests in the near future.

Toffee Noidall

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