Zeke Pumpernickel

Captain & Pilot/Navigator of The Dancing Queen


Pinnacle Skill (rank 5): Navigation
Rank 4 Skills: Pilot, Resolve
Rank 3 Skills: Archaeology, Slug Throwers, Stamina
Rank 2 Skills: Culture Tech (Forlorn, Carthane), Brokerage, EVA, Stealth
Rank 1 Skills: Agility, Brawling, Engineering, MicroG, Tactics

Health: 5
Composure: 6
Wealth: 3


  • Inspired by his adventurer grandfather
  • Fiercely independent
  • Head of the class in flight academy
  • “Friends are for chumps; cats rule”
  • Emergency inheritance (Dancing Queen)
  • “Eat my dust, sucka!”
  • “The universe is my oyster”
  • Only the best and rarest will do
  • It was fair and square


  • My dear Dancing Queen (spaceship)
  • Military Grade Piloting
  • Military Grade “Navigatoring”

Homeworld: Xanadu

Zeke Pumpernickel

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