Season Premiere
Don't Order the Gin & Tonics!

(UPDATE) You can view an animated summary of this post (my first ever attempt at animation) by clicking here.

We first catch up with our heroes in a sleazy bar on a slipstream station in the Phorlorn system. They just completed a job on the main planet and Arek is trying to score a new contract.

They are approached by a very attractive young woman who inquires about the unique ship docked at the station. Toffee can’t resist and brags about how he’s the one who takes care of it. There is some banter about where everyone is from and the guys find out that she is from Souris and that she is not a big fan of Phorlorn (surprise, surprise). When they express interest in some work, she gives them a file with a gps location on Souris, a date range to arrive, and tells them to ask for Marcellus when they get there. They accept the offer.

Zeke makes the jump to Souris seem easy and they’re headed to the planet within minutes of arriving in the system. En route, they are intercepted by a Phorlorn Viper Class Cruiser and they accept tether and boarding. When questioned, they deny having met the woman in the bar. (They find out that her name is Kara and that both her and a man named Marcellus are wanted terrorists). Mishka covers up all evidence and their first interaction with the Phorlorn military ends peacefully.

They arrive in orbit around Souris and decide not to violate local ordinance against private interface vehicles, instead opting to dock at an orbital station and take public transportation to the planet.

Once on planet, they take a cab to the gps coordinates which turns out to be a bar/nightclub in a very rough part of a very rough town. Toffee talks up the bartender and gets info about Marcellus while the other guys embarrass themselves by ordering gin & tonics. Marcellus shows up and gives them the info just as the cops show up. Zeke gets away and heads to the ship but the others get arrested along with every other person in the bar who isn’t from Souris.

They spend the rest of the night talking (and bribing) their way out of jail.

When they’re released, Rothschild contacts some of his family’s business partners and finds out that him, his friends, and their ship are being sought by the Phorlorn authorities. They make it back to the ship after some tense moments spent dodging cops in the orbital station.

Back on the ship, they review the contents of the file form Marcellus and find that the job is to surveil a building on Dundene and confirm that it is the actual location of the Phorlorn Senate. Once confirmed, they are then to break in and steal evidence. Marcellus and his group are willing to pay a substantial amount of money for successful delivery of that evidence.

Mishka does some research on Marcellus and confirms that his group exclusively targets military and political installations owned by Phorlorn. Phox News has made repeated claims that Marcellus targets civilians, but the available evidence doesn’t actually support that.

En route to the slipstream back to the Phorlorn System, The Dancing Queen receives a demand to stop engines and await tethering by two Viper Cruisers. Our heroes decline and decide to make a run for it. Despite some excellent navigation and piloting, the powerful military vessels prove too much for The Dancing Queen and she gets pummeled into submission by their superior guns.

We close with the heroes ensconced in their pressure suits on board their battered ship being towed back to Souris for questioning by Phorlorn Inquisitors.

Cluster & Character Creation
First Session

The bones of the cluster came together nicely in our first creation session.

It seems that the growing power of the Phorlorn system has finally (and thoroughly) defeated the Souris system, stripping their outer planets of virtually all usable resources and leaving a powerful occupation force to suppress any attempts at uprising.

Counting on the bored arrogance of the Xanadu technophiles, Phorlorn now turns their eye toward the newly connected system of Nylig, a potentially rich source of much-needed resources.

The idyllic system of Carthane, on the other hand, seeks to continue in their modestly successful role as intergalactic peacemaker. In particular, they hope to protect the emerging system of Zaborav from interference and exploitation by Phorlorn.

The ship’s crew also took shape:

Pilot and Captain Zeke Pumpernickel of Xanadu.
Ship’s Engineer Toffee Noidall of Carthane.
Communications Officer and hacker extraordinaire, Kaarak Tor of Carthane.
Gunnery Officer Rothschild Williams of Xanadu.
Thadius ‘Tadpole’ ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’ Bourbon of Souris.
Intergalactic Financier Arek Bodwin of Phorlorn.

We’ll need to finalize a few character details at the next session, but we’re on track for the inaugural voyage of The Dancing Queen next Tuesday.


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