Technology: 3
Environment: 2
Resources: 1

  • Interstellar resort
  • Peacemakers
  • Protecting Zaborav

Carthane has both the technology and the resources to become the next powerhouse in the cluster. Unlike Phorlorn, however, they have deliberately curtailed their advancement so as not to disturb the abundance of their system. This has been great for the day-to-day well-being of their citizens. The people of Carthane enjoy by far the highest average standard of living in the cluster.

Lecithon, the second garden world in the Carthane system, is maintained as a planet-wide resort. Offering vacations in every conceivable human-friendly climate, the planet is the most envied destination in the cluster. That luxury comes at a price, however. In addition to paying the steep fees, potential visitors to Lecithon must pass an extensive background check and security on the planet is extremely tight.

For many years, the presence of Souris held off the only active competitor (Phorlorn) who might have forced Carthane to adapt a more militaristic viewpoint. With the conquest of Souris, however, Phorlorn is once again an active threat. The prevailing view in Carthane at the moment is that the safest course is to avoid provoking Phorlorn. For this reason they have chosen to turn a blind eye to Phorlorn’s conquest of Nylig, hoping the aggressive system will spend itself in another conquest and either collapse under its own weight or tear itself apart in the civil war that has been looming for nearly a decade.


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