Technology 3
Environment 2
Resources -2

  • Over exploitation
  • Aggressive acquisition
  • Civil war

With Xanadu’s ever-increasing withdrawal from the system, Phorlorn finds itself in a very strong position. The powers-that-be on Phorlorn believe the cluster needs a strong guiding hand, and both their successful conquest of Souris and the inaction of Carthane, has convinced them that they are the ones to provide it.

In order to support their visions of conquest, Phorlorn has been eyeing the rich and vulnerable system of Nylig. Nylig is a hub system, and is connected to both Carthane and Xanadu – a fact that gives pause to some of the more conservative members of Phorlorn’s leadership. Still, Phorlorn exhausted most of it’s own resources long ago, and the need for new materials is throwing their economy into chaos.

Food riots are a daily occurrence on the Phorlorn homeworld but the price to book passage to the small, luxurious outer planet of Dundene is beyond exorbitant.

For security reasons, political figures from Phorlorn do not make official appearances in public, which has lead to speculation that the political process has actually been moved off-planet.


First names in the Souris system are based on ancient Rome.


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