Technology: 0
Environment: 0
Resources: -2

  • Lost a war with Phorlorn
  • Phorlorn’s bitch
  • Undercurrent of insurrection

The current state of affairs in Souris is completely tied to their recent defeat at the hands of forces from Phorlorn. The single inhabitable planet in the system is now a considered a colony of Phorlorn and a massive occupation force ensures the impossibly steep tribute demanded by the victors is paid. Unable to sustain such payments for any length of time, Souris’ real economy is now almost 100% black market.

Before their defeat, Souris was more than capable of manufacturing slipstream-capable ships (Tech 2). Remnants of their fleet now roam the system as pirates, conducting smash-and-grab raids wherever they can and trying desperately to stay ahead of their better-equipped foes. The poorly defended system of Nylig has proven a very tempting target for Souris’ scavengers, though the increasing presence of forces from Phorlorn is making it more and more difficult there too.


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