The Dancing Queen

  • V-Shift: 4
  • EW: 3
  • Trade: 2
  • Beams: 2
  • Torpedoes: 4
  • Frame: 3
  • Data: 4
  • Heat: 4


  • T3 Slipdrive
  • Interface Vehicle (The Beetle)
  • Vector Randomizer


  • Cargo Hauler
  • Comfortable Passenger Quarters
  • They don’t make em like they used to.
  • Exceptional acceleration

A well-rounded and versatile ship, The Dancing Queen is ready for whatever the universe has to throw at her. Primarily focused on cargo-hauling, she’s equally capable of carrying passengers in reasonable comfort. True to her treasure-hunting roots, she also carries a shuttle that allows her to land crew from orbit without having to rely on a docking station.

The Dancing Queen

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