Technology 4
Environment 1
Resources 1

  • Closed borders
  • Intergalactic treasure hunters
  • Arrogant and aloof

Not so long ago, Xanadu was the dominant force in the cluster. Recently, however, the aggressiveness that drove their scientists to create marvels of military tech has turned inward. The only resident of Xanadu seen outside the system now is the occasional treasure hunter. Many people have learned the hard way that it’s better to stay as far out of the way of these “tourists” as possible.

The same could be said of the system itself. Though Xanadu hasn’t actually sealed their slipstreams, there are reports of non-resident ships being destroyed seemingly at random. Others, however, report that while they haven’t been able to enter the atmosphere, their ships were welcome to dock at upper-atmo stations of the Xanadu homeworld and that the value of the trade goods obtained was incredible.


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